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The 3-Week Cleanser Challenge

This is an overdue post and I have finished this challenge weeks ago but have not been able to share it with you yet. I was actually on the hunt for the cleanser that would work best on my skin. Since I obtain a lot of cleanser samplers from different brands from my previous haul, I decided to take on a challenge. I allotted a week for each cleanser product and noted on how it affects my skin or what not. Please note that this is from my point of view meaning that these cleansers and the effects and benefits might vary since we all have different types of skin.

To start, my skin is a bit of combination, meaning that it’s not very oily and it’s not that very dry either. I have to be careful though in choosing products as some would trigger the oil on my skin after use or some would cause some breakouts. The three products that I used for this challenge are Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Foam Cleanser, Laneige Multi Cleanser, and Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam. 


Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Foam Cleanser

This is the first product that I tried for a week. I used around 3 samplers for this to cover 7 days since I wash my face twice daily, one in the morning and one before sleeping. The brand claims that this cleanser can effectively remove impurities while providing firming benefit with royal jelly and amino acids. I noticed that even after just the first use, it left my skin moisturized and soft after wash which is unlike other products. Over the week, I noticed that I got firmer skin and it also brightens up my complexion. I also love the smell of this cleanser, very nice and sultry. I was trying to find this on Althea but couldn’t. I found some from Beauty Box Korea , for those interested to buy the full size, this costs around $20.


Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam

I’m pretty sure some of you are familiar with Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic product lines. This Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam contains Jeju volcanic scoria that aims to absorb sebum effectively and purifies clogged pores. In short, this cleanser is for deep cleansing. You could find its full size in Innisfree Official Site and this costs around Php 500. For the sample size, I used around 2 samplers since its content is more than Nature Republic’s. I do have to cut down though how often I washed my face when I started my Week 2. It causes breakouts on my skin if I try to wash twice. Though this would leave my skin smooth after wash, I notice that it doesn’t brighten my dark spots easily. It even causes redness for some of the newly pimple who decided to go camping on my nose or my forehead. Don’t get me wrong. I love Innisfree but I don’t think the cleansing foam suits me.


Laneige Multi-Cleanser

I should say that Laneige Multi-Cleanser is one heck of a cleanser. It thoroughly cleanses the skin, brightens your skin yet is so mild. I never expected it to be like that, honestly. For the sample size, I only have to use one. It’s actually good for more than one week though. I find this product effective enough to wash off the makeup off my face. I remember that I forgot to use some cleansing oil after using some makeup remover towelettes and just proceed with washing my face. I’m surprised though how it almost felt like all the dirt was gone. What I also love this is it lessens the dark spots on my face. We all know Laneige is kinda a bit pricey so it’s a really a gem that I found some who sells some sample size. You can find the full size though in Althea for around Php 890 (discounted price) but normally it costs around Php 1,320.



I’m guessing that it was so obvious already what I would pick out of the 3. All of it were amazing products but there’s only one who works well with my skin and until now I kept on using it. My pick for this 3-Week Challenge would the Laneige Multi-Cleanser. I felt that this multi-cleanser is just what I need and it’s perfect for my skin type too. It doesn’t trigger the oiliness on my skin and it also does its job and keeps the impurities at bay. I also love how this cleans off the makeup on my face. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Well, I hope you find this post informative enough if you’re also on the hunt for the best products for your skin. You may also try to do this challenge and see what works for you! 🙂


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