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Watch Out Wednesdays: Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Hi, guys!

I’m sorry if I’ve been MIA on this corner for the past few weeks but I’m back now with another “Watch Out Wednesdays”. Today, I’m going to talk about this God-sent Korean drama (because it is full of handsome Oppas!)  set in the time of King Jinheung. This is a 20-episode historical drama and it is really fun to watch.


The whole story goes with a group of elite young boys formed initially by the Queen to protect the throne for the faceless King and to serve the Royal Family but in time the Hwarang (as the group is called) would be a great influence to Silla and will incorporate justice without bias and serve the people with all their hearts. The exciting part of the story also evolves on who will be the true King of Silla as there are two guys who are candidates for the throne namely, Sam Maek Jong (played by Park Hyung Sik) and Sun Woo (played by Park Seo Joon). The star-studded cast is also one of the great factors why this drama is one of the most anticipated release ever.


Personally, I was dying to watch this because of Kim Taehyung/V from BTS. I’m a big fan of worldwide-known boy group and my bias is Taehyung from the start. I couldn’t be happier that he’s getting a role in a drama and was given a shot to work alongside famous actors. Other casts include Go Ara, Do Ji Han, Yo Joon Ho and Choi Min Ho from Shinee. I just rewatched this last week and I couldn’t get enough of this and I also started liking Seo Joon here, to be honest.

I wouldn’t say more of the story as I’d like everyone to enjoy it as much as they can without having too many spoilers, so I’ll just move on to the next part. 🙂





Okay, so I don’t want to sound biased or what but my favorite character here is Han Sung, played by none other than my love of my life, my husband, my forever: Kim Taehyung. (Sorry if I had to put all those gifs of him lol :)) At least I get to claim he is mine here in my blog post. Please don’t get angry at me ARMYs (BTS fandom name for those of you who don’t know what this is), I just really love Taehyung so much. I’m just too happy for this guy for having his debut in acting and I’m really proud of his performance here. His character didn’t differ much from his personality. Han Sung was the youngest of the Hwarang and was a curious soul. He’s not really good at physical training and sword fights but he’s just adorable and he’s so clingy and he likes Sun Woo very much. He is the true heir of their clan but he just really wants to live off the life he wants without having to obey his grandfather in taking over and leading their clan. I was bawling and crying when his character was killed, I mean why would you do that to Taehyung? Even now that I think about it, I still get sad over it. (Oops spoilers). Nonetheless, I’m proud of his debut in acting and I hope he gets lots of drama projects in the future 🙂


Moving on to my least favorite character, that has to be Park Yeong-Shil (played by Kim-Chang Wan). He was the typical villain here who opposes the Royal Family. He wants to take over the throne and wants to keep all the riches to himself. I absolutely hated him because he was so corrupt and greedy. You know what that looks like already if you watched historical dramas before.



There are a lot of fun scenes in this drama but I gotta say that the one I really like and would say my favorite would be the confrontation episode from the Prince of Baekje. I believe it’s from Episode 15. Okay so if you don’t want any spoilers, please refrain from reading this (LOL). Apparently, Silla at that time was the weakest kingdom out of the three countries. Peasants and poor families started robbing food and crops and anything and they cross the border to Baekje to sell what they stole. The Prince of Baekje caught some of them and threatened to kill all those people. The Queen who is the regent at that time sent the Princess and 4 Hwarangs to make peace with Baekje and sort out the issue. A tip though, reached the Prince saying that the faceless King was within the 4 Hwarangs. To lure out the King, the Prince set up and told them that they will kill the people in front of the Hwarang and the Princess if the King won’t reveal his identity. Hyungsik’s character was ready to reveal himself but he was still afraid and always doubted himself if he can rule and lead his people. Seo Joon , on the other hand, doesn’t like people who mistreat the people as he was once a peasant and knew their struggles. Seo Joon claimed to be the King and beat the hell out of the arrogant Prince to save the people.


This is where I really admired Seo Joon’s character. I love how he really stands for the people and wants to help the people as much as he can. The portrayal of Seo Joon was also done well. I think he embodies his character as well. After this episode, I immediately added him to my “Oppa List”. (LOL)



I’ve read a lot of reactions that Hwarang was not the embodiment of a typical historical drama and just skyrocketed with ratings because of all the stars who were part of the cast. Well, I should say that indeed Hwarang has a different flavor from other historical dramas in the past but that’s what really makes it fun to watch, isn’t it?  I know the great cast has some impact but their chemistry also adds to the charisma of the drama. For me, I would give this a rating of 8/10. I love the story and whole rivalry between Hyungsik and Seo Joon. I also love the love triangle factor that you should watch out for. I really think it is a good watch if you want to laugh, be in love with the handsome Oppas and be surprised by the twists! 🙂


Share with me your thoughts on this drama if you already watched this or if you’re just adding this to you must-watch list! 🙂


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