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Watch Out Wednesdays: Ao No Exorcist

If there is one thing that I like about animes, it is the never ending new concepts. I always look for action-packed animes but I always make sure that it would give me something new. I hate it when it’s just another typical concept or what not.


Recently, I watched another action anime which is Ao No Exorcist or Blue Exorcist. This is actually on my next-to-watch list and surprisingly I finished it in just a span of days. The general storyline revolves around humans and demons and their respective worlds namely, Assiah and Gehenna. Exorcists exist to ensure safety and eliminate demons who pose danger to humans. The story then follows Rin Okumura , a troublesome teenage boy who can’t find a decent job, when he was attacked by demons one day. It was quite a revelation when he learned that he was the son of Satan, that’s why he has those blue flames and can see and understand demons so well. His dad, the father he grew up with, Shiro Fujimoto told him everything and that he’d been protecting him and his twin, Yukio Okumura from the start but he loves them as a father would love his sons. Fujimoto though died while Satan tried to take over his body and tried to conquer Assiah and open the gates of Gehenna. After that incident, Rin is on his quest for being one of the strongest exorcists ever so that he can protect Assiah, the world he grew up with, alongside his brother Yukio.




I would have to tick off Rin and Yukio Okumura from the list as of course, they’re one of the main characters and surely there’s enough reason why I would pick them. If I’ll be choosing my favorite character from this season (yeah because there is a Season 2), that would be Shura KirigakureI have a thing for a bad-ass woman and she is the epitome of it. Shura is an Upper First Class Exorcist who appears to be disguising as one of  Rin’s classmates in exorcist cram school. She reveals her identity during one of the missions when Amaimon, Demon King of the Earth and another son of Satan, appears and eventually tested Rin’s strength by getting his Demon Slaying Blade and unleashing his powers. Shura has an order from Vatican that she is to eliminate the son of Satan if she confirms its blue flames but she ended up saving Rin’s ass from Amaimon and trained him afterward so he can control his flames and learn some skills in combat. She did train under Shiro and Shiro had asked her a favor to look after Rin if ever he dies. Shura is well-versed in demon slaying blades and her skills can be at par with demons like Amaimon. Shura has a dark past but it was not really explained what and why and I’m thinking that must be allotted for Season 2. Nonetheless, Shura is my spirit animal because she’s loud, wild, but badass.


For my least favorite character, I would give this slot to none other than Ernst Frederik Egin, the father of Yuri Egin and the grandfather of Rin and Yukio. Ernst is blinded by his hate on Satan and he claims that the demon had ruined his life. I actually hated him when he used Yukio to push through his plans and later on uses Rin as a human sacrifice to open the gate of Gehenna and eliminate all the demons. He was willing to sacrifice everything, even his grandsons’ lives. I just hated the guy so much.



I hate to sound corny but my favorite scene would the episode wherein they decided to throw a surprise birthday party for Izumo Kamiki, which eventually was busted because of Renzo Shima. This episode is just utterly cute and funny at the same time. All of them worked hard and tried to hide from Kamiki whenever she is around. After Kamiki found out about the surprise, she then proposed to celebrate all their birthdays even when their birthday was already belated or upcoming. It was a pretty sweet episode and from this, they even got closer and more like a family now. It just warms the heart.




As soon as I finished Season 1, I was already gearing up for Season 2. Surely the first season left me wanting for more. The concept about the demons and exorcists are a nice touch and I’m hoping that I could more of Rin and the others as they grew much stronger and hopefully more fight scenes! I’ll give this anime 8/10 rating. I love the story but there’s so much yet to explore and to find out.


If you have watched this already or if you are just an anime fanatic like me, let me know! 🙂



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