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Beauty Review: Purederm Shiny & Soft Foot Peeling Mask

I rarely go to spas because I’m busy with work or if it is my day off, I’d probably spend some time hanging out with the family or just eating outside. But you know, our feet needs some TLC too. Fret not, there are what we called “foot peeling masks” that are very easy to use in the comfort of our own homes.

When I started going for Korean Skincare, I really thought the masks out there were only for the face but never did I think there were also available in the market that caters for our feet. I have actually tried using the Purederm Shiny & Soft Foot Peeling Mask when I saw someone’s post about this mask. She said that in just a week, almost all her callous were gone and her feet feels soft again. Out of my curiosity and my eagerness to test the product if it really works, I immediately bought a pack from Yeppuda Korean Sampler (YKS).  A pack costs about Php 120 only.


This foot peeling is quite easy to use. The instructions at the back of the pack helps a lot and thankfully they’re in English. (Hail for English subs!) All you need to do is cleanse your feet but as for me I only wash it thoroughly with soap and water and then you’re feet is good to go.


Once you open the mask, you’ll see two pieces of the mask that look straight out of a historical drama. You know the ones they wear as shoes or what not that is color white? If you know what I mean. The recommended time actually for you to soak your feet and use the mask is only 60-90 minutes but I’ve done that before and there’s not much callous I got from my feet so the second time, I tried doing it overnight.


(Excuse my nails and my feet and all) So this is how it looks like once you wear them. The essence is inside and it is very cooling and refreshing. It kinda gets itchy when you wear them for hours but trust me it’s tolerable and not that uncomfortable. I do wear some socks though so the mask won’t get off when I sleep. (Yeah cause I usually turn around and explore all sides of bed when sleeping)


If you cannot tolerate putting them on overnight then you might go for 2-3 hours and that is totally fine. Rest assured that after two days or so, your callous and all your dry skin would start to peel off.

WARNING: Grossness ahead.

This is what I got after two days of using it. The thing with peeling masks is you really have to be patient.


The third day and so on is really the most fulfilling as you can see patches of dry skin going off and this is where it really starts to be addicting. I just couldn’t stop removing all of them. This is what I got on the third day.


(Again, excuse the grossness in this picture)

I can say that this product is really effective and very easy to use. This is like my second time buying this and still, it does its job. I’m also happy with the results I’m getting because after the peeling and so on, you’ll get a soft and refreshed feet afterwards. I would recommend this product for people like me who rarely have the time to go out. You can easily use this at home and it’s quite cheap too. I would try using some different brands of foot peeling masks to see the difference next time and let you know.

I hope you find this review helpful enough if you’re planning to purchase this on your next skincare shopping! 🙂



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