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Beauty Review: 3W Clinic Coenzyme Q10 Foam Cleansing

I’m back with another beauty review and I sincerely apologize for being MIA for the past few weeks. It’s almost a month I think since I last posted here on my blog. There goes the work schedule, busy about life, and I am just literally having a writer’s block. Maybe it’s because of stress and everything just seems so chaotic for me but no worries, I’m all set now. I’ll try to be more active in the coming weeks.

So going back, I’m up with another review and I’m going to feature 3W Clinic Coenzyme Q10 Foam Cleansing. I actually did a little research on what Coenzyme Q10 is as I don’t have any idea how that works on the skin or what not. Basically, Coenzyme is a substance similar to vitamins and can also be found on our bodies. It is found in our cells and helps neutralize harmful free radicals. Based on what I’ve read from Smart Skincare, Q10 are like newbies to skincare but they already have proven themselves essential to general health and nutrition and experts have already done a lot of research about it. So what exactly can Q10 do to our skin? The Coenzyme can boost skin repair and regeneration and as mentioned, it can reduce the free radical damage. In short, this substance is good for aging. If you’re looking for products that can help maintain your baby skin then you probably want to keep any eye out for Coenzyme Q10.

I actually don’t have a full-size cleanser right now and magically I saw a sale on Kkorean PH, another Facebook group for Korean skincare that I’m in, and I just thought I needed a new one and I’m also running out of samplers too. Lol. I also bought other stuff which I will feature on the next coming reviews (hopefully). Anyways, this cleanser is really cheap. I got mine for only Php 120 which is a great steal while if you check online, you may find this priced at Php 300 regular. (Check Beauty MNL for reference) You can also choose from its available variants other than Q10 like Brown Rice, Snail, and Green Tea. This is how it looks like:




Remember, you guys have to shake the bottle before opening it because I didn’t and I thought for a second that the cleanser is a bit watery (I’m that stupid). Mind you guys, this 3W Clinic Cleansing Foam smells really good. That’s one plus point for me and besides, after using this on my face, I felt that it cleansed my face thoroughly but didn’t leave them dry. I actually used this once with my makeup intact and it mostly cleaned my whole face except for the stupid eyeliner which is waterproof but I like how it makes my skin all soft and moisturized. My pimples don’t come out in the open often like it usually does and that’s also a plus for me.

Packaging-wise, I love the combination of gray and yellow. The box looks pretty decent too. I also love the idea how each variant is categorized by each color. Also, this cleanser comes in a 100 ml bottle which makes it a good buy for a cheap price.

Overall, I’ll rate this product a 9/10. The price is very affordable, it makes a decent cleanser that you can use for a long time without breaking the bank, makes the skin so smooth and it just smells heavenly. I’ll surely recommend this to my friends and family.

Let me know what you think of this product down below! 🙂


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